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Lost In Austen Stills

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Welcome to Lost In Austen Stills, an icontest community devoted to the ITV1 series 'Lost In Austen'.


01. No animated icons; text and other effect may be used. (unless specified otherwise)
02. You can only use the pictures that are provided for you in the challenge entries unless otherwise specified.
03. All entries are to remain anonymous until the end of voting. This means that you are not to use/post the icon you've submitted to the challenge until winners are announced.
04. All icons must fit LJ standards (under 40kb; 100x100; GIF, JPG and PNG format)
05. Do not vote for yourself or ask your friends to vote for you.
06. Each user may submit the number of icons specified within each challenge.


There will be a special post for you to submit your entries for each challenge which will be screened. Please only post your entries in the post for that challenge.
Please make sure you upload your entries using a host that allows direct linking (e.g. photobucket.com).
Please copy and paste the direct link and HTML code into your post when submitting entries.